Free tech education

OpenTechSchool is a movement aiming to offer free tech education.

The OTS initiative

Volunteers all around Europe organizing welcoming and inclusive code learnings happenings with real people in the real world. We offer free tech workshops with learning material and in-person learning support. People of all genders, backgrounds, levels, ages come together to learn, to coach or to organize in a cozy and including space provided for hands-on learning.

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Your local community

Meet other learners at weekly meetups in your city. Bring your projects, questions and positive attitude. Get the chance to meet people with different experience levels and backgrounds. This is the place to get support, learn together and connect.

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Ways to join us



If you are looking to learn coding yourself, you probably want to find out more about the community and when the next meetup takes place near you.



If you like what OTS is doing, there are multiple ways to support the initiative. Maybe you have a space to offer or want to sponsor the next event.



If you feel like donating some of your time and knowledge, our chapters always need passionate coaches and organizers for the events.

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Get in touch

  • At our events

    The best way to get in touch with the community is at our events. Just come by, feel the vibe and speak to one of the organizers. Nice to meet you!

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  • Online chat

    We are using Slack to connect and share information beyond the events. Say hi in the #general channel or find the one for your city.

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  • Email

    Contact us directly if you have a general question and the above options are not working for you. We love to hear from you, but remember we are all volunteers and might need some time to reply.

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