Hello Learner,

we just closed the signups for the upcoming OTS Workshop NAME_OF_WORKSHOP_HERE, DATE_OF_WORKSHOP_HERE at PLACE_OF_WORKSHOP_HERE. I am just writing you to confirm time and date and give you a few last informations and instructions.

If you have not been to any OTS Workshop so far, you should know the way the works is as the follows: We, the coaches, created some learners material before hand that each learner is going to work through at their own pace on their own or as in small teams. There are always coaches around to help you out at any point. You can find the material here (if you want to take a look before):


Please make sure to bring your laptop and have the following requirements set up: REQUIREMENTS_LIKE_INSTALLED_SOFTWARE_WITH_INSTRUCTIONS_ALL_HERE. If you have troubles ensuring that or are stuck at any point, please contact me by replying to this email address or come a half an hour earlier so we can sort this out.

We are planning the workshop to last until EXPECTED_END_TIME, but you are free to leave or take breaks at any time.


Looking forward to seeing you then


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