So, you like what we do at OpenTechSchool, the values we focus on and you want to support us. That is great; as we are now an official legal entity, you can simply contribute us a donation via paypal using the following button:

Thank you very much. Your support is highly appreciated.

What you get

Oh. So you want something for that support in exchange? Well, as said before, we have a few values that we look after and that are very valuable to us. But depending on your support, we might be very thankful and do some of the following. But to be clear, we cannot make any promise for any particular compensations - especially those that go beyond what is stated here.

Supporting a specific Event

If you sponsor a specific event, workshop, series or program, we are willing to offer the following:

Support in general and on infrastructure

If you want to support us more generally and globally or by providing infrastructure and services that not only one specific event will benefit from but OpenTechSchool as a whole, it wouldn’t make much sense to name you at all events but we’d like to thank you none-the less by:

What won’t happen

There is often a wrong assumption on what one can expect for supporting us. Let us be clear: It is more important to us to provide the best learning experience in a safe learning environment, than garnering conditional support, and we have no problem declining such, if we believe it would have a negative impact on those and our values. That said, here are a few things you can be sure, won’t happen because of your support:

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