As OpenTechSchool, we have certain values, areas of interest, and goals we want to achieve. Fortunately we are not the only ones! There are others working toward similar goals and serving those interests, and since we believe in cooperation over competition, we are very happy to help promote them and their activities (such as events) as well.

As an organisation, we are often approached by various entities and people and asked whether we can help them promote their cause. These guidelines are meant to help you with making the decision whether OpenTechSchool as a brand should promote a certain cause or event.

  1. It needs to fall in line with our values and should have our goals at heart - that should be a no-brainer.

  2. We do not promote for money.

  3. We do promote events, workshops, ideas, and concepts, and sometimes institutions and facilities.

  4. We do not promote jobs, product/service offers or coupons, advertising or any such thing.

  5. Since we understand education as a tool for empowering people, we have decided to not promote any workshops participants have to pay for. Accessibility for all is important to us.

  6. Whatever is being promoted should be related to technology, a tech method or tech culture - we do not promote workshops on accounting for doctors.

  7. We do not promote workshops hosted by companies or agencies to promote their product or service or recruiting.

  8. We like hands-on experiences - if the event consists only of talks, we are harder to convince.

If after reading this you are still unsure whether OTS ought to promote the event, just forward it to the team-mailinglist of your local team, asking for the input of others. Don’t forget to add your own opinion, too! With a simple vote of “-1” and “+1”, the majority decides whether to promote the event or not.

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