##About mailing lists (aka Google groups)

Mailing lists are our chosen way to stay on top of communication in the various branches of OTS we like to be active in. That’s why we set up a number of lists as Google groups: this way, it’s possible for everyone to be up-to-date, but also not get “spammed” or overwhelmed by stuff that is of less interest to them.

Existing mailing lists

To find all lists, please go to our Google Groups index page.

General Mailing Lists


Mails to this address will be send to all people having an ots-account. So please consider sending your mail to a specific team instead to all and use this address only in reasonable manner.

Berlin Student Labs

Setting up and working on/for/with Student Labs in Berlin

Foundation Board

The Board of the OpenTechSchool Foundation

Foundation Member

Official Post to the Members of the OpenTechSchool Foundation.


The Library project is around compiling good, existing learning materials, curate it and make it available online and offline.

New Education Network

The global network inside- and outside institutional eduction connecting with each other to change education for the better with new concepts.


Internships, projects, and collaboration offers to our learners can be posted to that mailing-list.

OpenTechSchool Discussions (Global)

The mailinglist for all public discussion about general OpenTechSchool topics and related questions.


Team Sponsors

Please post sponsor requests to this mail address.


The group of everyone

Local Initiatives

OpenTechSchool Australia Discussions

The mailinglist for all public discussion by the Australia OpenTechSchool community around events and local organisation.

Stockholm Group

The mailinglist for all public discussion by the Stockholm OpenTechSchool community around events and local organisation.

Coaches Lists

Android Coaches

Coaches and OTS coordinators for the Android series at OpenTechSchool.

Arduino Coaches

Arduino Coaches meet and discuss here

Design Coaches

This is where design coaches discuss the learning materials and organise themselves and upcoming events

Git Coaches

Coaches and OTS coordinators for the Git series at OpenTechSchool.

JS Coaches

The JavaScript Coaches in one Mailinglist

Math-3d Coaches

Mailing-list for the “Math for visuals and design” coaches

OTSCamp Coaches

The Mailinglist for all the Coaches of the OTSCamp on CampusPartyEU

Opening Hardware

Python Coaches

Team Lists

Team Australia

All OTS team members in Australia and all those in other locations willing to help the Australia OTS Chapter.

Team Beginners Meetup

The organisation team of the beginners meetups.

Team Berlin

All OTS team members in Berlin

Team Blueprint

Mailing-list for the OTS peeps that work on blueprints for new OTS chapters.

Team Buzzwords

The mailing-list for all those involved in the OTS Camp at Berlin Buzzwords

Team Communications

A Team to OTS peeps discussing and taking care of external communications and marketing

Team Content

The content creators of the core team (like blog posts and stuff) discuss this in here

Team Newthinking

This groups discusses and organises the involvement in the “summit of newthinking 2012” in Berlin - See: http://newthinking.de/summit-of-newthinking/

Team Online Courses

Mailing-list for the OTS peeps organising events around online courses such as Coursera and Udacity.

Team Partey

Let there be partey. Let those in this group organise it.

Team Stockholm

All OTS team members in Stockholm and all those in other locations willing to help the Stockholm OTS Chapter.

Team Tech

The tech and administrative team of OTS

Team Video

For discussions around video recordings and video-related communication in the OTS team

Note: Please note that some groups are not visible to you if you don’t have an @opentechschool.org account or you have to be a member to post. Becoming a member is easy: just come by to one of our team breakfasts or write an email to Team Tech.


1.0 21.09.2012 First release Team Tech (Amélie, Stefan, Ben)

We’ll try to keep this up to date. Contact Team Tech if you have any questions.


Team Tech decided to create some conventions to make it easier to create new groups and understand their purpose. As this is an open process, we invite everyone to suggest optimizations.

Mailinglists should: