How we decide on stuff

A practical guide for new OpenTechSchool members.

The doers have the say

First things first: we believe in doing instead of talking, so when in doubt, the person who is actually working on something has the voting rights. It is not our decision how that person wants to do whatever they are working on if we are not willing to actively participate. Of course, you are allowed to offer advice, but don’t be a jerk and try to make someone do something they don’t want to do. This is also true for the handbooks; if you are doing it and you have an idea on how to do something better, go ahead with your plan and don’t forget to let us know so that we can update our material.

On conceptional questions

There may be some questions you want to discuss. The first step is to figure out the audience to talk to: if you have specific questions about blog posts, for example, you might want to ask the appropriate team, since they will probably have a good idea what to do about it. For example: you receive an inquiry about some workshop that OTS might or might not want to promote in our social media channels, just send it to team communications and they’ll take care of it.

But what happens then?

Now, let’s go further with that example: if it’s clear that the workshop to be promoted is appropriate for OTS, someone in the team will probably just take care of it quickly. However, if the decision is not that easy because the workshop does not clearly fall in line with our promotion guidelines, everyone within that team votes with a simple +1 or -1 on the inquiry. Once a majority is met, the decision is made and action follows.

In some cases, that team might also include other teams affected by such a decision in the voting process.

It’s not that problematic of a topic

Well, you probably want to take the discussion onto the public mailinglist then to get the discussion going.

Once one or a few opinions emerge you might want to put them up for vote via a Doodle poll and send that link to the same list. Once there has been no addition to list for a few days, remind everyone via another email they can still vote. Once a few more days have passed, take a screenshot of the results and post that as the decision to the mailing list.

That’s it. Happy voting!

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