We won’t lie to you: starting something is always hard. This might not only be hard, but also very frustrating at times. Please don’t give up! It is very important to us, so please contact us when you get stuck and we’ll see how we can help you.

This is a handbook – or a blueprint, so to say – on how to make it easier to get an OpenTechSchool started in your city. Although this documents how we did it, it might be subject to change and you may find that your city has different requirements. If you have any notes, ideas or remarks, please let us know (even better: create a pull request).

Alright. You’re still reading this, so that means you are really interested in getting something started. Way to go! The first thing to do is let us know about it. There might already be people getting started in/near your city whose efforts we know about, so we may have contacts who can help you. This is crucial: get in touch with us!

Teaming up

Get a team together. Good team members?

Something very helpful in getting people to get in touch with each other is a mailing list. OTS can help you out! We will:

But we also need to you to spread the word and convince people to join - after all, it is your cause!

You have a team? Great. Now: meet. In person.

Meeting – in person

Team building is important. And meeting is essential!

Know your city

Get the widest possible overview of the tech scene in town. Places, people, institutions you might want to reach out. Make a list of all:

Map them out. On a real map. This will help you to define the character of the tech buzz of the city and identify where its (geographical) core is. Precious information when it will come to networking and finding the right partners and places to organize you events.

Network is key

You have a list of people and places, you’d like to get in contact but you don’t know any of them. That’s not a problem.

Social networking is social key

Social networks are a great tool to promote your events and get in touch with more tech enthusiasts every day.

You’re almost ready! Just a couple of wise words before you get started.

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