OpenTechSchool e.V.

The OpenTechSchool e.V. has officially been established January 5th, 2013. As of March 25th, 2013 it is officially registered as a "gemeinütziger e.V." — a non-profit foundation under German law. The main objective of creating the OpenTechSchool e.V. was to have a legal entity to help with sponsoring and structural things. Generally the foundations goal is to provide any kinds of service and help to nurture the OpenTechSchool movement all over the globe.



The OpenTechSchool is a public Foundation, free for anyone to join. As decided by the general assembly on January 5th 2013 the membership fee is 2€ a month, due as quarterly payments (you'll receive an information on how to do that after registering).

There is no membership required in order to participate in any activities either as learner, coach or any kind volunteer work.

You can register here.
Please remember, by signing up, you agree to our current Charter.


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