But what after you’ve gotten yourself into coding through our workshops? How do you continue learning? What if you get stuck with your project? That’s exactly what the OpenTechSchool Continuous Learning Groups are there for. Meeting weekly or bi-weekly on weekday evenings, these Groups always have coaches there to help you, while each one just continues on their project in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

As a learning group doesn’t have a set curriculum or course but everyone just works on their own projects, it has a very low barrier for coaches and participants alike and doesn’t require too much of a commitment. If one can’t come, it is their loss, but they can come back the next time after and pick up where they left of, making this a very open while very helpful format for continuous progress. And often indirect-mentorships are formed through these meetings.

Learning Groups are normally managed through the usual meetup groups. Currently two groups exist in Berlin, one focussed on Javascript meeting every Wednesday and one for Python meeting every second Monday.

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