OpenTechSchool also acts as a lab to experiement with new and interesting tech learning formats and projects. These pages document some of these efforts to give everyone the opportunity to host them or learn more to join them either as a learner or as an organiser. Or just find inspiration in our learnings and come up with your own.


At the moment the OpenTechSchool pursues multiple formats and endeavors. Some of them are listed and described here.

App Summer Camps

App Summer Camps are an offer to the younger audience. For teens of ages 11-16 App Summer Camps are run as – you guessed it – Coding Camps during holidays, usually the summer holidays. For up to a full weeks teens are invited to learn to hack togehter for the first time.

Learn more about “AppSummerCamps” here


The classic and all time favorite, the coding workshops. With a strong focus on friendly and welcoming environment, these self-learning, peer-driven workshops try to get people together and get into or better at coding. While the introduction workshops often take place on weekends, many smaller workshops also happen during the week. Though initially created for adults, many of these workshops can and are also run with a younger audience.

Learn more about our “Workshops” here

Continuous Learning Groups

But what after you’ve gotten yourself into coding through our workshops? How do you continue learning? What if you get stuck with your project? That’s exactly what the OpenTechSchool Continuous Learning Groups are there for. Meeting weekly or bi-weekly on weekday evenings, these Groups always have coaches there to help you, while each one just continues on their project in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

Learn more about the “Continuous Learning Groups” here


After working in the industry for some time, you might get tired of your field and want to learn something new or switch into a different field. That’s exactly what Hackership wants to help you with. Consider it like the Continuous Learning Group for experienced Developers. Over the course of three months, this peer-learning, self-driven format wants to get you from being a good developer to becoming a great Hacker.

Learn more about “Hackership” here


The IT-Labs are another offering for the younger audience. Together with local institutions and companies, the OpenTechSchool offers workshops for up to full classes of pupils during the day. Allowing teachers and school principals to take a field trip to our learning facilities and take Workshops with OpenTechSchool there.

Learn more about “IT-Labs” here

Learners Meetup

While a lot of formats are on specific tools and languages, the Learners Meetup is a language-agnostic monthly meetup for all learners to get to know each other and learn more general principles and concepts of technology and programming.

Learn more the “Learners Meetup” here