Dearest Coach,

thank your for signung up to coach with the OpenTechSchool. I am just writing to confirm the Workshop NAME_OF_WORKSHOP_HERE will take place DATE_OF_WORKSHOP_HERE at PLACE_OF_WORKSHOP_HERE. Please be there an hour before the event to help us set the place up and get familiar with the interna and each other. Please let me know if you can’t make it for any reason

If you’ve not yet coached with the OpenTechSchool, I’d also ask you to read our Coaches Guidelines to get familiar with our coaching style and what we do. It is just a quick presentation with a couple of bullet points:

As a coach your job is to be there, encourage and help whenever needed. We have the whole material ready and the learners will just work at through at their own pace by themselves or in small teams (as they prefer). The material can be found at (in case you want get familiar with it before hand):


In case you find any problem, please report bugs to the corresponding tracker, patches and pull requests as well as additions are highly encouraged. Feel free to fix stuff that isn’t right.

Looking forward it FIRSTNAME_OF_HOST

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